Spit Roast/Rotisseries

Cyprus Grill Image

Cyprus Grill/ Foukou Souvla

Multiple skewer automatic rotating charcoal spit roast, know as a Cyprus Grill, Foukou or Braai.
Lare spit roast image

Large Stainless steel spit roast

Solid charcoal spit roast made from 304 Stainless steel. This heavy duty rotisserie can be used for pigs, lambs goats or gyros.
extendable spit roast image

Extendable spit rotisserie

Entry model rotisserie that can be used in compact size or extended to cook whole carcasses.


Chinese spit factory logo Tripod Camping spit photo Compact spit roast picture BBQ spit kit picture

Tripod/Camping Rotisserie

Heavy duty camping spit roast set that can be used to made a spit or as is over a firepit.

Compact Spit Roast

Smaller spit roast that is ideal for use in an urban townhouses. This spit is compact but built with 2mm thick steel.

Universal BBQ Spit kit

These universal BBQ spit kits can easily be adapted to your existing gas bbq.