Product Sourcing - China

Product Database

Because of our understanding of what the western word requires when it comes to product quality and design we have have spend many hours traveling all parts of china looking for suitable manufacturers that can assist us to supply products that will suit the western worlds stringing quality expectations. Due to this we now have many allies around china that are already manufacturing a wide range of products. With these partner manufacturers we have a product database of over 5000 products ranging from high performance competition LED lighting to precision manufactured shims used in the automotive industry.

Product Sourcing

If we currently don't have access to a product that you require, we will use our knowledge and expertise to find your product, test it to ensure its quality is of that is expected, and negotiate with manufacturers to determine if there is any way to improve it if necessary to ensure what you are receiving exceeds your expectations.

Product design and manufacture

If we are unable to find product with the quality you require then we can manufacture the product to your required specifications. With access to injection molders, sheet metal machinery, lathes and presses there is no legal product that we will not be able to manufacture for you.
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A story from one of our client.

Our client wanted to expand into LED lighting. We searched within the geographical parameters that our client had set. We visited 7 manufacturers in 2 days until finally we came across a factory that resembled a western world hospital. All the assembly rooms were double door entries going into controlled environment. If you looked through the window the workers were dressed as if they were handling radioactive materials. Until this day our client has not had a single issue with the products from this manufacturer. Here in China we can manufacture high quality products that can be compared with and surpass the quality of a reputable German manufacturers. You just need to know where and how to find these factories.
Chine electronics factory