Large Stainless steel spit roast

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Stainless steel charcoal spit roast

This is such a simple design yet the lack or understanding from other Chinese manufacturers has led to spits with unacceptable quality, performance and spit roasters that warp, bend and buckle on the first use. All our spits are engineered with tested angles and beds to ensure they are rigid and stay straight. Paired together with our high strength motors, our stainless steel spit is designed so it wont let you down. This is a perfect spit that was manufactured to ensure it can be passed down for generations.

Once again this is made with moulds where possible to ensure that every spit is identical and all spits perform to the highest of expectations.

Don't risk a "once only" spit that will be useless after its first use and lead to the defamation of you brand. Go for a product that will be hassle free for years to come.


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Product size (cm): 170L x 60w x 130h
Cooking area/ firebox side(cm): 150l x 60w x 30cm

This large spit roast was originally designed to be manufactured in 2 - 3mm stainless steel. It can also be manufactured in mild steel to reduce cost.

The accessories it comes with are:
1 x Charcoal pan/tray insert
1 x solids s/s 304 skewer 22mm diameter 160cm long
2 x s/s 304 prongs/spikes
1 x s/s 304 back brace u-bolt
2 x s/s 304 leg brackets
1 x spit motor rated at: 30kg, 50kg or 100kg
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Stainless steel spt roast Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: In Cardboard box
Delivery Detail: 10-30 days according to order quantity
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Units (smaller order upon request - Surcharge applies)
Supply Ability: 5000 units per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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